Dave Waddington started his career in the outdoor maintenance field at the age of 16, working part time after school and on weekends at a local Lawncare/Landscape Company. There he learned proper mowing techniques and started gardening. After a short while he was moved into the lawncare field. Where he studied and wrote his landscape exterminators licenses, (forestry and Industrial Vegetation, as well). This allowing pesticide treatments on all different types of properties from commercial to residential, to golf courses and road sides. After moving up to a Supervisory position within the company, Dave had once again returned to study and write his structural pest control license. Allowing him to treat everything from wasps, ants, bed bugs and cockroaches. As the years progressed, Dave was put into the landscape department where he studied and learned how to properly design and install everything from plants to interlocking brick, retaining walls, concrete and decks. During the winter, Dave attended Mohawk College for courses in Horticulture, Rough Carpentry and Masonry work (decks, pergolas, concrete, interlocking bricks and retaining walls) and finished up with a small engine repair course. At the same time, Dave started to help organize and run the snow plowing and shovelling crews. Learning proper plowing techniques and salting practices. After 20 years with this company, it was time to try it on his own forming Waddington’s Lawncare Service.

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